About eReefs

A number of threats including water quality, climate change, shipping, fishing and coastal development have the potential to detract from the Reef’s natural, cultural and economic value. Preventing a loss of value requires improved decision support, and communication tools for all who interact with, manage and depend on the Reef.

eReefs, which commenced in January 2012, is a six year $30 million collaborative project that combines government commitment to Reef protection, world-class science innovation and contributions from leading Australian businesses. Focused on the protection and preservation of the iconic Great Barrier Reef, it forms the first step in building comprehensive coastal information systems for Australia.

Using the latest technologies to collate data, and new and integrated modelling, eReefs will produce powerful visualisation, communication and reporting tools. It will provide for the Reef information akin to that provided by the Bureau of Meteorology for weather. This information will benefit government agencies, Reef managers, policy makers, researchers, industry and local communities.

Hydrodynamic model of the GBR