Andy Steven

CSIRO representative

Dr Andy Steven has twenty five-plus years of experience in coastal research and management throughout temperate and tropical Australia, the Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East. He is the Research Director of the CSIRO Coastal Development & Management Program, the largest coastal research program currently in Australia. He is also the Director of the Australian Coastal Ecosystem Facility (ACEF) and leads the CSIRO involvement in the eReefs project and the CSIRO Marine and Coastal Carbon Biogeochemistry Cluster.

Andy is recognized for his research on nutrient and carbon biogeochemistry of coastal ecosystems, including coral reefs and estuaries, and its application to natural research management. His research and leadership in the field coastal optical biogeochemistry has contributed to the development of regionally validated algorithms for Great Barrier Reef waters and the provenance of colour dissolved organic matter as an important bio-optical constituent. He has championed the development and application of new technologies for observing monitoring aquatic ecosystems include the use of optical and acoustic methods, the development of underway and in situ monitoring and the application of remote sensing for water quality assessment.

Andy currently holds adjunct positions at Griffith University and the University Technology of Sydney and co-supervises a number of doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows. Andy has a strong record of civic duty and has worked on a number of not for profit boards and steering committees related to marine and environmental science and monitoring.